Adventures in Grace Land

Keira Elizabeth Grace was a very good girl.
She loved her mama
She loved her daddy
She adored her Grandpas
She adored her Grandmas
Keira also loved to have fun…
Whether it was dancing at Miss Lisa’s
(picture –Keira dancing wildly, instructor- “Careful Grace”)
Playing Toads and Frogs at David’s and George’s
(picture- muddy back yard a jar full of toads- Keira “Got one!”)
or doing her very favorite thing…
(Helping Daddy at music practice…Keira on tip toes at the piano pressing the keys… “good job, honey”)
Little Keira- Beth- Grace knew how to make things just a little livelier- if you know what I mean.
(Sunday service- everyone is seated-  Keira stands “AMEN!”)
But sometimes Keira got into mischief that wasn’t so much fun…
            One hot Monday morning Keira was digging- digging a hole- searching for treasure she was sure she would find
            “What are you doing ?” asked little-Georgie- peaking over the fence.
            “Working hard little-Georgie-“ Keira  replied. “There isn’t much time- the pirates are coming and we have to dig fast.”
            Now Georgie could from the glint in her eye, that a game of pretend was on Keira’s mind.
            “ Can I help- Can I help?” asked Georgie joining the fun.           
            “Grab a shovel-“ was the reply. And the two set to work as quick as could be. They worked for a while laughing out loud- but the fun would soon end when Mother found out.
You see- what they didn’t know
What they couldn’t see
And really had no idea about…
Was that their little mound of dirt was destroying Mother’s daffodils and that caused her to shout!
“Keira- Grace- Keira-Grace- Keira-Beth-Girl!
What are you doing? What in the world? My heavens! My child- What can this be? You’re destroying my flowers! And digging a hole?!” Mother was quite perplexed as any mother would be. Keira looked up from her digging in time to see.
“I didn’t mean to Mamma- we were just digging so fast! The pirates were coming and I see at last that my digging caused trouble and-and-and-“ Keira tried to wipe tears from her face.
“I’m sorry”
Mother knelt down and took Keira to her lap.
“Keira-Grace, Keira-Grace, my Gracie-Beth girl…”
Mother looked at the mess and then at Keira, she sighed a big sigh, the kind that mothers often do…
“Keira, I forgive you.”
Keira smile and gave her Mother a squeeze.
“But your flowers are ruined- your favorites no less!”
“Gardens with flowers will bloom soon again and I know what it’s like to get carried away with good friends- I think though- that I have an idea. Fill this hole up and make the bed nice and flat- and perhaps a new treasure can be hidden- what do you think of that?”
(Next page Keira and George and mother working in the garden getting ready to plant seeds)
(Picture of Keira and her mother in lounge chairs & sunglasses & sipping lemonade)
The treasure is safe- buried a little underground and this time to find it there’ll be no digging around. Flowers will bloom- all on their own. And Keira has learned mistakes can be made anytime, anyplace and that it is best to be sorry and receive lots of grace
Keira Elizabeth is a very good girl…

The end. 


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