Are You Ready For Spring


The trees are still shades of grey. The promising red buds hint that the sky will be filled with green again instead of gangly arms of empty branches.

The birds are just beginning to return. Any morning now I will find the silence broken by the chorus of blue birds and sparrows and woodpeckers and chickadees and a dozen others whose names I have yet to learn.

I love, love, LOVE spring. Actually all seasons that I can be deep in the dirt of the outdoors.

I’m not sure how this “village girl” came to possess such a love for all things country but I do love it. I find it exciting. I don’t just want to have a garden. I want to have a sprawling large garden where the wonderful and more difficult varieties of tomatoes, peppers, green beans and heirloom vegetables of all kinds  grow. I want to learn how to fight off bugs and dieseses without comercial pestisides. I want to know where my food comes from and how it got to my table.

I love gardening. I love the uncertainty and the rewards. I love growing heirloom varieties that drive you crazy with their fickleness. I love tomatoes.

I come alive in the garden. Truly. I would dig weeds, move stones, till the earth for hours for the hope of a fruitful crop and the satisfaction that my sweat is helping to grow something beautiful. It is amazing. It is.

Sometimes people marvel that we have five children. I know it’s unusual but I love being a mom. I love it. There have been draining seasons for sure but at the end of it all I am living the dream of my heart. Perhaps it is a poor comparison- but I love the idea of farming in a similar way.  It’s my dream. Sometimes I feel like as we venture into this crazy homesteading world that it’s “too much” or “too complicated” and I am tempted to give up or worse- not try. Then I remember my kiddos. If we settled for what we thought we could handle we’d probably only have a couple kids. And we would be sorely lacking for it. Sometimes the greatest dream is the one you could not imagine.

What makes you come alive? What are you passionate about? The world needs passionate people. It may make sense to no one else. It doesn’t have to. It’s your God-given passion. Run with Him. And grow something beautiful this year.

Sometimes the greatest dream is the one you could not imagine.

So this spring, dream with me. I may not plant everything I plan – but I’ll be planning  heirloom vegetables, with dirty finger nails. I’ll be learning to relax and play more with my Five Little Peppers. I’ll be sweet talking the hubby into buying lambs and goats knowing that he’s a dreamer too. And at the end of the day I’ll be watching those sweet little red buds unfolding into leaves of green in God’s largest garden. I love Spring.Signature 1


3 thoughts on “Spring

  1. I am trying more to walk away from the daily rat race and find a simpler life that provides peace and serenity and makes me happy to be alive everyday. Passion cannot be found in consumerism. Passion lives in rewarding work, real food, good friends and the little things in life that often are overlooked in our quest to make more money and buy more stuff.
    You are giving your kids a wonderful life. Stay the passionate course. Dream big, love completely. 🙂


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