We found our first egg over the weekend! It was so exciting. The next day we had egg number two! The other hens should be laying shortly and then we will have a feast.

How do you know when the eggs will come?

Your pullet (a hen under a year old) will begin laying between the age of  4-6 months. That’s a wide range though, so some signs that tell you eggs are coming any day:

1. Nesting in the nest box. Our girls started fixing up the nest box a few days before the first egg.
2. Assuming the position. You may see your hens do a wide squat randomly (getting ready for a rooster) as she pecks about the yard. Our girl would squat wide  when we came to pick her up.
3. Alone time. Just like some girls, hens like a little extra privacy for “that time”. Our hen didn’t want to leave the coop the two days before her first time. I knew it would be eggs soon!



Egg production fluctuates depending on season (amount of sunshine) and breeding.


1. Have enough brooder boxes for your girls. If you have more than one hen I think hens are happier with at least two boxes to start. After that add another box for every 4-6 birds.
2. …And enough roosting bars for the night. If you don’t excess poop ends up
in the boxes.
3. Water, water, water. Clean, fresh, water is crucial for the health of the bird and egg production. Make sure you have enough and they
access to it.

Our temporary winter coop is thrown together in our garage. It is messy and not ideal at all. I change the water and wash the container nearly every day because their rears hang over it when they eat.

I am desperate for the snow to melt and get these ladies out more (they free range as the weather permits). I also want the official coop built. While I wait I’d love to hear your chicken keeping thoughts. Do you have tips for me? Coop ideas?   I’d love to hear your comments.



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