Mamas and Bebes 101

What can you expect from Mamas and Bebes?

1. Weekly posts on homesteading, traditional cooking and  natural cleaning.

We’re all busy and life throws us some curves but that’s my goal.

2. Lively conversation. That’s where you come in! How did that recipe work for you? Do you have ideas for a chicken coop? How do  you get your family involved with chores? The comments are a great place to share your story.

A Little More Detail

About the Pages:

Farm GirlFarm Girl Intro

You can expect posts on a variety of great topic related to garden and homesteading. This is where you’ll see how this mama and brood: gardens, clears land, raises chickens, preserves the harvest and persuades her husband to buy sheep ( insert eyelashes batting here).




Double Chocolate Cookie (Grain Free)

We always have something cooking or brewing.

Also check back for our new weekly feature “Soups in Season“.  Featuring yummy ways to stretch your harvest and nourish the body.



Clean It Up


I’m a clean freak in a messy world.

Organization, scheduling, “clean as – you – go”, are not natural – for me. These are skills I am cultivating. I love living life as it comes. I love a good muddy mess.

I have also learned that, for me, the fastest way to burnout is to live life without a plan, constantly scrambling and hoping that the dish fairy will work the night shift and the diaper bag will refill itself.

So Clean It Up is where I will share our weekly organizing and cleaning adventures. Look here for: natural cleaning tips and recipes, DIY organization. Everything  from printable charts to projects, and whatever else that is currently transforming our life. 🙂

Is there anything you’d like to see posted here?




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