Looking Back: End of April Checklist for Gardens

End of April Homestead Checklist

What? Did someone say May? I do not feel ready for May. I still have “April to do’s” that will simply go into “next year” bin.

Remarkably we did get quite a bit done this April.
I am focusing on being grateful. With a husband out of work with an injury for half of April all else is secondary. I am grateful for health and that we are able to look ahead to this next month together.

Garden Planner
How do you plan? I have my dream garden sketched out complete with benches and berries. I have a notebook I make notes (admittedly, rather inconstantly) on when I planted, what I harvested, what bugs I encountered, and frost dates. I’ve only experienced I tried, Sprout It and experienced Garden App fail so I am a little jaded in my pursuit of another despite the tempting promises of automated reminders, sure fire success and seeds the plant themselves (eh -hem, not quite). I suppose there is something for using the tried and true old, pen and paper. All the same if I could find an app that worked…maybe winter.

That said while researching potatoes I found Margret over at A Way To Garden.
Her month by month to do list for the North Eastern Gardener is great. I’m using her list as my end of season checklist. Her list more comprehensive in many ways than my needs. At the same time It is great compromise for those of us who like lists and could use a reminder but are still¬† working up the courage (scrounging up the time ) to try another app.

What is cooking in your garden? Has anyone had success with sweet potatoes on the East Coast? Do you use apps for gardening?

Thanks for stopping by,

Lia D.



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