Clean It Up (Intro)

Something to Remember
Homemaking is a competitive sport. Cleanliness, organization, cooking, child rearing…hot topics with harsh critics. We “know” better than to compare our lives with others or heed worthless advice but somehow it seeps in and the internal struggle begins.

At the end and the beginning of your day remember, no one else has your life. There are wonderful people we glean from and there are wonderful people whose advice we choose not to embrace. Especially as a mom the critics and advisors are many. Not to mention the internal critics that can peck away incessantly.

I am learning how to run a large household, homeschool, farm, be healthy and on and on… The same voices that offer invaluable encouragement and help can also keep me awake with their nit-picking. It does not have to be overwhelming.

Rising Above

So at the end of the day and the beginning remember, no one has your life. Embrace the unique purpose you were created for. Let your home be what God made it to be. He has a fun plan for cleaning and all the unique details of your life. The best way to silence the internal and external critics is to look to the One who never condemns, always loves, and always gently leads those with young.

It is going to be a good day.

Remembering God’s goodness in this land I am living in…

Lia D.



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