An Open Letter to My Sons:

Dear Sons,

One day you will grow up and have a family of your own. You will hold your own sweet little babes in arms and whisper wisdom into their tender ears. If I may, tonight I would like to add my own thoughts on raising sons.

Sons are wonderful. They are the gift of strength and joy to a young mother. There are a few things that one without sons would never be able to imagine feeling or saying in the years ahead. Things like: “When you pee in your pants the pee runs down your leg and hits the floor- go in the toilet.” or “We wipe our bottoms every time we poop.”

And who can forget the feeling of seeing your beautiful faces as you smiled, while elbow deep in a nine pound tub of peanut butter. The feeling can only be rivaled by the thrill that of seeing your sons scrub said peanut butter off with the toilet brush.

And then there is the way the heart skips upon discovering a frog belly up in the clothes washer.

Priceless memories.

“What do you mean you forgot your shoes!?” As we arrive at the library.
“You can’t hit someone on accident”
“You have lots of blood- it’s ok if you lose a little”
“Eating your boogers is gross… Eating your sister’s boogers is gross too.”
“Please get off your brother. Your hug is hurting him.”

No child rearing manual will likely include these tender bits of wisdom that you will inevitably have to pass down at one point or another.

When your time comes remember to be patient with your sons. Some instructions will have to be given more than once and in different ways.
“You have to change your underpants everyday.”
“Those brown spots means it’s dirty”
“Get a clean pair from your basket.”
“Where do you put your dirty underpants?” (Not with the clean ones dear…)

Sons are a gift.

Truly unimaginable in the tender joy sons carry.
The bouquets – “Mama this is for your wedding… If you get married again.”

The pictures, the hand holding, hair twirling, cuddles, and love – there are too many priceless moments to recount.

“May I sit on your lap?”
“Can you carry me to my bed?”
“Good cook mom. This meal could win a contest.”

Then there are reading stories, shopping dates, “good nights” and kisses…

I love you more than words can say,

P.S. And for heavens sake- please stop pretending your peanut butter is poop.



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