Fourth of July Invitation to Play

An Invitation to Play
The concept of creating a space for a child to learn through purposeful play is not new. It is a popular concept among early childhood educators. It is easy to see why. Children are naturally curious and they love to play. Learning opportunities are literally everywhere. With a little guiding and intention everyday life becomes an adventure.


Material Ideas
1. Flags
2. American History themed books ( age appropriate)
3. Red, white and blue, paper and crayons, markers, or paint
4. Imagination


1. Think of what interests your child- cutting, gluing, coloring, or painting. Do they like stories or games? Or….?

2. Pick three about three projects/games.
A. One easy project or colonial themed game something that doesn’t take a lot of effort like- a hoop race, hopscotch, tops, .

B. Next pick a special project- maybe something with gluing or glitter. Make it special. Pick something that excites your kiddo but you would usually say “no” because of the mess.

C. Lastly pick a quiet activity like reading a great story.


3. Set it up during nap time or bed time if possible. The surprised look on their faces when they first see the display is so much fun. It also avoids kids getting cranky because that can’t play with the things are you are setting up.qz

The Disclaimer

I love being inspired by others beautiful and creative “invitations”.
Sometimes I forget that I am looking at snapshots of someone’s life.
So often my idea of successful “play” is defined by my carefully arranged invitation. It is a huge bummer when things don’t go as planned. In order to actually ENJOY the process I have to let go of my idea of success and relax and let the kids teach me how to have fun and explore and see the beauty in the mess.

The joy is in the journey.


Lia D.

Candid Moments




Unedited Perspective



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