Thoughts from a jog.

The Chronicles of Narnia, seriously, is there a better series out there? C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors.

I was jogging (unusual for me) this morning and the phrase “Run, run, always run” was helping me keep pace. The phrase is from The Horse and His Boywhich is my favorite in the series. The  main character, a boy called Shasta, repeats this phrase to himself as he runs to warn a kingdom of impending danger. He is tired. He is alone. He does not even know for certain where he is going. He only knows he must run.

I have felt that way before- exhausted, lost, uncertain. The temptation is so strong to stop, take a break and let someone else carry the torch. The thing is, there is no one else. No one else will be Mama. No one else has said “I do” the wonderful man next to me. No one can take my place.

The only real option is to run.

There is a song that has a line “If you don’t quit, you win“. It is a good song.
Sometimes I feel like I have no strength. Sometimes I feel like I can not keep going. Sometimes I feel at the end of my rope and there is nothing left. The word comes to “run” and I am not inspired. I am angry. I am angry that there could possible be more to give.

In the Narnia story the boy had been through so much- trials, cruel treatment, fearful nights. He and his friends were attacked by a lion and yet he was to run.

Shasta and friends were chased by a lion because they needed the “strength of fear” to propel them forward so the message would reach the endangered kingdom in time.

Exciting. Scary. Good book.

I am not a natural runner. It takes work. I get out of breath. I want to take lots of breaks. I run farther with music and friends.

Sometimes we need an external push to reach the goal.

You don’t really run alone.

When I am tired and honestly truly don’t think I could do more. When I am at the end of the rope and I let go, that’s when Papa’s arms catch me .

In the Narnia story, Shasta ran. He kept running. He found Father (he didn’t know it)…and THEN he slept for a day an a half. It was not the end of his troubles it was the beginning of his rest.
Rest does come.

So run. Keep running. If you don’t quit you will win. “The end of your rope” is not as scary as it sounds. I’ve been there. A few times. At the end of the rope are Papa’s arms and the realization –  you don’t need the rope anymore. You can let go. He has got all of you.

Whatever you are going through. Run. If you don’t know how to run. Run. If you don’t like to run. Run. If you feel like you can’t run. Let go. You will find either the Father’s arms or the “strength of fear” that will propel you forward.

It is a crazy journey this mama and bebes world. You are not alone. Run with music and friends. Be propelled into the arms of the Father who loves you more than words can say.

Time to run,
Lia D.



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