Red, (White), and Blue Potatoes

I was airing the potatoes a bit when my pitch fork hit something – a tuber! A beautiful, small blue potato. I continued to turn and air, only a bit more carefully now. I ended up hitting a few more. I was so excited. New potatoes! What a wonderful surprise! I think I will pick up some white and try my hand at red white and blue potato salad come this Fourth of July. 🙂 Enjoy! Lisa D





4 thoughts on “Red, (White), and Blue Potatoes

  1. We grow purple potatoes, and in case you haven’t worked with them before I’ll warn you that if you boil them, they’ll turn a gray-ish color. So might try baking your potatoes for the potato salad so the colors don’t run! Have fun!


    • Thank you! Thank you! This is my first time growing. I can’t wait to eat them. I planted a little too close. The mulch was really damp and the plants were spotted brown near the bottom (hence the “airing”) . I really don’t want to deal with blight! Any suggestions?

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      • I plant in mounds. So, outline your rows, then mound them up from either side, place potato in mound and put a little more soil on top. You could also top that with straw, which might help keep the plant away from direct contact with the soil/moisture. I planted about 10 foot rows and only did one potato per 1-2 ft. Potato plants get huge as you probably know, so their width can span almost 2 feet. If you have moisture issues, it’s best to plant the wider distance. (It pays off in the long run, though, because the healthier plants should give you more potatoes, which makes up for less # of plants).
        This year we also experimented with the raised potato beds. We layered soil and compost in a old box about 2/3 of the way up the box, then set in potatoes and put on a little more soil and a layer of straw. The plants are huge!! I don’t know what will be underneath, but we’re hoping big plants = big crop!


      • Thank you for the tips. We planted in raised beds and in the ground we did 10ft rows 2 ft apart but the plants are sprawling- only the Yukon stand tall. Oh, the anticipation!


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