The BEST Salted Caramel Gelato

We made the best salted caramel gelato. Hands down. This is amazing. AMAZING. As in- if you have ever thought about making ice cream before – MAKE THIS.

Best salted caramel gelato, icecream

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly.

When I got to pouring the batter into the ice cream maker I had just creamed our raw milk and had this 1 cup of cream that begged to be added to the mix so I did. Oh. My. Goodness. So good.

Some notes –
*I used 2 cups organic raw cane sugar. This adds a depth of flavor that is better than plain white.
* I used 100% pure Haitian vanilla cncentrate that is AMAZING in and of itself more on that later.
* I used raw milk with and fresh cream.
* The custard was made from pastured raised eggs with dark yellow yolks- huge difference than typical store bought.
*This is rich and delicious, special treat. This is not “health food”. Eat sweets wisely 🙂 and enjoy!

These top notch ingredients pack a powerful punch and really set this recipe apart. Use the VERY best ingredients you can.

Have you made Gelato? Or Ice cream? What is your favorite flavor.

I’m looking for a good dark chocolate flavor to try next! I’d love some suggestions.


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