Fingerprint Art

Sometimes life hands you lemons and we all know we should make lemonade. Sometime life hands you spiders and little boys who can’t sleep because of the pesky little critters. So daddy hunts spiders and mama sits up and meditates on the some simple life lessons.

I wanted to do a special finger print art work for my son’s fourth birthday….
This was the inspiration

After receiving children’s thumb,and finger and doodles:

I was rather disappointed with the results. It had #pintrestfail written all over it. But I wanted to use it. It was a truthful story of a fun, albeit not quiet picture perfect party.

So I set to work.
I sketched balloon shapes around the thumbprints with a #2 pencil. Then I outlined them in darker shades of pinks and green with watercolor pencils. I used ultramarine blue for the sky and added various other colors to the shirt, log and grass to balance the details of picture. The paper was scrapbook canvas…not ideal for watercolor.

The colors did not blend well and it was really hard to move the blue effectively. In the end it was imperfectly perfect.

The truth is life comes more like this:

Our perspective changes everything. So so whether the difficulties are spiders in the night, financial downs, relational disappointments… making lemonade still works.

In the end my four year old (whom it was for) loves it. His favorite part is the messy, blue sky. And that is better than picture perfect.

Enjoy today!
Lia D.


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