Pardon Me…

Ahhh…August. This begins the season we have worked so hard for, the harvest. It is beautiful. I love the full garden.


Our root vegetables have been an amazingly fun surprise. There is something incredibly rewarding about pulling up hidden treasures of potatoes,  carrots, and beets. I love that they are hidden. You can not see the fruit until it is pulled. I also love the colors! We have shades of blues, reds, purples and golds. They are gorgeous.

This is a season to be enjoyed. So pardon me while I step away and enjoy these last few weeks of summer. I do hope to get some recipes out in this time. (I am really excited about some zucchini recipes as well as a source of amazing vanilla from Haiti.)

For today I’ll be in the garden, by a pool, resting, running, enjoying. So please excuse me while I cuddle kiddos in the grass, clean out closets and make space for a new year of school and pick and prepare the harvest for winter storage. Excuse me while I enjoy the day, the work and rest in front of me.

God Bless,
Lia D



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