Zucchini Chips

Ok- so this is not my recipe. The lovely writer at Table for Two is the author.

Here’s my story: I made zucchini chips a week or so ago and they were so good that I tried again and I burnt them. So I have no pictures or recipe. 

So I had it all planned out for a week of zucchini recipes but you know what they say about the best laid plans…


I burnt a rather large batch of zucchini chips and this week there were rather gorgeous eggplant instead zucs in the CSA haul. So no pretty pics of yummy zucchini until my plants step up.

In the meantime if you find yourself with a hefty amount of zucchini to wade through and you are beginning to feel like you might be nauseated from the excess. (Believe me-it happens). Try zucchini chips. Baked low and slow these are not exactly hot summer day friendly but they ARE worth every sweaty minute.

I hope you give the these zucchini chips a try. You will not regret it :). My kids do not like zucchini at all and they all chowed these!


Recipe notes

I do not own a mandolin slicer. I used my knife and tried to cut slightly less than 1/4 in thick. Yes they were different sizes and they did not cook evenly- when I didn’t burn them that is. 🙂

Have you made veggie chips? What are your summer favorites? I want to try beet chips next!


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