Sundried Tomatoes (Heirloom Mix)

Sundried Tomatoes

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So super simple. Super.


Collect a variety of ripe tomatoes. Use cherry tomatoes for sweet, complex flavor without the traditional bite. Roma or San Marzano for a more tart, traditional flavor. Grape or slicing tomatoes work as well- their higher seed count make them less desirable.

The Process

Cut tomatoes in half. Place on dehydrator tray. Dehydrate around 115 degrees for 8-24 hours depending on size and thickness. Place in clean dry container. Done. High five. Tomato candy is now yours for the winter. Enjoy and savor.

Sundried Tomates

 NOTE: Sundried cherry tomatoes are AMAZING. Potent. Powerful. SWEET. Do not confuse these homemade with store bought. I would not considered a packaged sundried tomato good to eat straight from the bag. These are good straight off the dehydrator.  My youngest girl refer to them as “sweets”. They are. Maybe not as sweet as candy but they are delicious.

Here is the final picture

In the end I used a mix of heirloom paste, cherry, and grape tomatoes (everything is better mixed :)).

Sundried Tomatoes

Dehydrating notes:

Give the dehydrated tomato a squeeze. Do you see any water? If so, they are not done. The general rule of thumb is that dehydrated food do not have to be rock hard. They should be tender, but without releasing moisture under pressure. If you plan for long storage- you may want to ere on the side of caution and make those puppies bone dry and store them packed in extra virgin olive. Either way you are prepared to enjoy them any cold winter evening over spaghetti squash pasta or tossed with sautéed green beans and mushrooms.

Sigh…almost makes me want winter to come. Almost.



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