Chalk Art and Stephanie Frizzell Gretzinger Note

Notes On Life
These are random “doodles” from a podcast.

Be encouraged. Life is a journey. The unexpected is always popping up, threatening the best laid plans.

That is a good thing.

Life for me right now is about enjoying the season I am in. Life for me right now is all about living to the fullest right exactly where I am. Sometimes that is fun. Sometimes that is hard. Sometimes that is scary.

I have been encouraged this year to live my own life and to not allow fear cause me to look around, compare, or wish the life I have been given away.
I have found so much freedom…I am in awe and grateful.

God invites us to journey with Him.

Something that Stephanie said that didn’t get onto the chalkboard was:

“It is about staying connected.”

I want to be connected to God in all things. He the ONE who made me, knows me, and loves me, first,best and always.

Life can drive us so hard. I need to be ok with being still.

Sometimes being still is all the progress I need to make.

Enjoy the change of seasons.

Lia D


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