Thriving In Every Season (Part 1)

“There is too much to do.”

The thought creeps in early attempting to sour the day before I’ve opened my eyes, not to mention before I’ve gotten out of bed. Learning to set priorities, manage the time and resources we’ve been given, and maintain the various jobs of home and family can be overwhelming.

Deep Breath.
Stress and anxiety do not define our home.

Peace and Joy do.

I was feeling like there was particularly too much to do a while back and telling was telling God as much when I was reminded of the phrase, “Let the children run.”

I first heard that phrase from Heidi Baker– an amazing missionary to Africa. She was feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of responsibilities she faced and God’s answer was: “ Let the children run”.

What Does That Mean?

It means: We work together. It means our pace is slower, a little messy, and fun.

Letting the children run means that I do not turn into “oxen mama” and strap this huge thing called life on my back and pull it around my back until the load crushes me or I turn into a beast unable to do anything other than work. “Oxen Mama” is survival mode. Survival mode is not living. When my goal is to survive, love is sacrificed. We cannot go far if we are just trying to survive. We cannot LIVE without love.

We want to cultivate a home center that is alive and flourishing. We want a place where children are free to learn and fail and love. We want a place where forgiveness is learned through experience. How do we create such a place? How do we live beyond our own four-walls, especially when these walls need so much tending?

One of the answers is “seasons.”

There is a time for everything.

There is a time to teach sweeping and there is a time to sweep

There is a time to switch laundry and a time to ignore the pile on the couch.
There is a time to cook and a time to take out.

Honest, there is. There is no shame in flowing with your season.

 There is a time for everything. So often I fight the season I am in because I see someone else thriving in their season. I think- “Hey, winter stinks! Let’s just fast-forward to summer.”

 I miss out on my present because I believe the season over the hill is better.

This is a terrible way to live life.

We can pray away our newborn season because we want sleep. We can pray away our toddler years because potty, temper training- life training, is hard. I can pray away every difficult season and never experience the LIFE available in the moment I am in. When the next season comes I  find myself scrambling to “get it together” because I did not tap into the resources of the last season. There are treasures to be found now.

Thriving begins when I receive the anointing for the moment.


If my goals are based on survival then I will not have the tools I need to succeed. Whatever your situation is RIGHT NOW is the place you are called and anointed to be. That does not mean that your season will not change. Your season SHOULD change. It is a season. The difference is when I believe that my current moment is the very best moment I can be in, I put oxygen back into my season and I can breathe again.

My season IS hopeless if I believe there is no way to have thrive where I am. I was made to thrive. I have to go beyond “I don’t want to starve this winter” (i.e. I just want the baby to sleep) and move into “how do I THRIVE in every season?”

One of the most pivotal moments in my career as mama came while I was pregnant with our fifth child and crying out to God because our fourth child would not sleep and the older three started wetting the bed at night. I was desperate for sleep.

In the middle of the night on the floor of my daughter’s bedroom, with a screaming child y my side and a very pregnant belly I cried out to God to make that moment glorious.

And everything begin to change. Did she sleep through? No. I spent probably a week more of nights on that floor, blasting songs but It became the most life giving part of my season and gave me a powerful tool (a very special song that calms my daughter to this day).

My personal story must encounter God.

If I do not know God as faithful in the midst of pain, then I will fear instead of trust.

If I don’t know the God who takes ashes and makes something beautiful then I will be constantly trying to “cover my ashes” and search for beauty.

If I do not know the God who made me to be myself, then I will look around the room (compare and judge myself against others) for my “better season”.

So my friends:


Embrace the season you are in. Spring comes as we begin to enjoy winter- it really does. Begin to ask the question- how do we thrive HERE? There is a way. Honestly. It may not be easy but it will be good.

I’d love to hear your story, questions, or thoughts. Please, comment below!

Cheers friends,

Lia D.



P.P.S. Hey! Some of these thoughts we’re inspire by listening to this amazing talk. I have no connection to ministry or speaker and all opinions are my own. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Thriving In Every Season (Part 1)

  1. Your blog arrived just when I needed it. I have been packing and planning to relocate to Arizona for a few weeks now. The job I really wanted did not happen. I was sad. My husband said, “Things will work out. They always do.”
    Now I have a predator or predators killing my poultry. Not quietly in the night, like before, but in broad daylight today. So my goal is to let go of the anger and disappointment, and find a way to outfox the raccoons that have been violently killing my flock. I’m off work for several days, so I can work on it. I have a supportive family and lots of good advice. One involves electricity… Ever see someone pee on an electric fence? Ouch! Don’t do that. Ever.


    • Oh wow! I am so glad I can be a long distance support. Predators are not fun. We had a raccoon take out 12 birds before he was “permanently relocated”. May your predator be caught swiftly! ….tuna is irresistible to ‘coons should you need bait.


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