Garden Update End of the Season.

Ahhh…Autumn… How did you come? How did you go? I wrote an update for September but life was life and I never finished it. I edited the post for October and…. November came and December…

We enjoyed our harvest season.


We did not have a large one, but enough. Looking at the next season I want to work on making the ground more fertile. I want to treat powdery mildew before it ravages my garden. And I want to get the best of early blight.

My garden as it stands is fully at rest. The strawberries are covered and I hope to harvest some come June. The garlic is planted and snuggled in for the winter. Small shoots are waiting underground for the warmth of spring to reveal the beauty.


I have bushels of squash, sweet potatoes, apples that are waiting for winter to offer their nourishment.


Yes, winter is coming.

We dried the herbs for winter. I have dried lots of tea- a blend of our mints (delicious) and echineacea, camomile and hyssop, and horehound. We picked rose hips right after the first hard frost.

Yes, we had a frost – it has snowed even.



Motivating myself to finish out the fall tasks has been difficult.
I cleaned off my work desk in the garage, put up the soaker hoses, peeked at the seeds I am saving for next year and thought about planting oats as a cover crop (I happen to have oat seeds- don’t ask me why.)

Mostly, my heart has turned indoors. Now is the time for catching up on some of those indoor tasks that took back seat while we worked in the summer sun. I want to learn how to thrive in this season. I love spring. I love summer. Fall is amazing. I love that the seasons change. The first three seasons are working seasons. This year we have worked hard. Something in this Gardener’s heart is very much ready and waiting for winter. I am looking forward to the season where the days are spent indoors sharpening tools, resting and dreaming once again.

Enjoying the moment,

Lia D



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