What I am Thankful For

I was awakened very early by an unusual opportunity to snuggle and nurse our sweet little boy. It is a rare opportunity. We were apart for most of the day before and I think we were both missing our daytime cuddles. So being a sweet little boy he sent out his quiet call.

As I rocked and sang I realized two things: I am amazingly, extravagantly blessed. And I am feeling tired.

Not “mom tired”. In that moment as I rocked and sang I knew my heart was hungry to crawl up into Papa God’s arms and rest. So as I rocked and sang, I cried. I cried the soft tears of a child that just needs to held. Nothing wrong. Nothing broken. Just a little thirsty. And it has just been too long since being held.

I am thankful for sweets songs and open arms.

I am thankful that:

I am seen.

I am loved.

I am pursued.

These are life changing truths.

If the God of the universe SEES me, then I don’t have to explain anything to him. He knows. He knows me. He understands.

If the God of the universe loves me then I don’t have to defend or strive to provide for myself. He loves me. He will provide. He will protect. He knows all and he loves.

And lastly if the God of the universe pursues then should I wander from the security of resting in the first two truths. He will come after me. He is persistent in pursuit., faithful in love, and constant in his unending care.




And I am very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas,



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