Celebrating Seven

Hello. It has been a while.

I could list excuses and mention that I have about four or five drafts waiting for me to finish and publish. Wait- let me publish one real quick.

Shall we start again?

Hello all! I finally published my final garden update for 2014! I hope you’ve enjoyed the season.

*bright smile*

Yes, I really just did that.

I do feel slightly better with one less draft on the table.

Seriously, now, are you enjoying this season?

We are in a WONDERFUL SEASON. I love Christmas.

I am THRILLED with delight over my kiddos. Their excitement and generosity- their love, all of it is amazing. They are such a blessing. Their joy is amazing. I love their tender, loving hearts. I love that whenever they talk about their favorite anything (food, toys, whatever) they qualify it with- “Well, my favorite is Jesus and (enter brother or sister names) and…” whatever item they are wanting to talk about.

They are so excited for Christmas.

There is never a dull moment. Even our quiet moments are not dull or quiet for that matter. There is constant a flurry of activity whenever my children are in the house.

I love it.

I am living my dream. Not everyone gets to do everyday the only thing they have ever dreamed of doing.

I do so every day.

I love being a wife and mama.

I love it.

I love being home.

I love making things- food, clothes, cleaning supplies- a mess

I do not like living in a mess, dirty dishes, dirty laundry, or clutter finding balance between cleaning Nazi and peaceful mom is the main character goal I am working on but that’s another topic.

I am grateful for seven.

Seven pregnancies,

One unseen treasure,

Five children running around,

And this pregnancy makes seven.

It has been strange to me how often I have thought “seven” this pregnancy. This is the first time I have really counted our short nine-week pregnancy…

This time I am celebrating seven. It feels good.

In 2015 my husband and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage and 7 amazing lives that have forever changed our own. I am blessed beyond measure. I am blessed in the mess. I am blessed in my shortcomings and in the countless ways I could do better. I am blessed in the precious moments no one sees nor would I even try to describe. I am blessed.

I talked awhile back about thriving in every season. The goal of thriving has become my passion for me. It is so easy for me to slip into survival mode and hammer out the best life I can muster. I don’t want that. I want a life that is full of life, joy, peace, exuberance that I can not muster. It is not always easy.

Thriving while pregnant and caring for five precious little ones requires adjustments. Adjustments that require slowing down are hard  for me to make. I run easy. I rest with difficulty. I am slowing down though. I am resting. I am letting go. It is not easy for me. I like to run.

This time I am determined to thrive.

How could I not?

We are celebrating seven!

Merry Christmas!

Lisa D.

Lisa D.


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