Shifting gears…

Mamas and Bebes

When God first gave me the vision for Mamas and Bebes it was completely different then what it is now. It was over seven years ago. I had this idea for a cute little boutique shop that sold cloth diapers, natural, simple ingredient baby care supplies, wooden/eco-friendly toys and other things that, at the time, could be only found online. Well…I knew I wasn’t really meant to be a shop keeper so when I made the switch to cloth diapers I was thrilled to discover this wonderful mama who was doing exactly what I dreamed of. It has been so fun to watch Luvaboos go from little home business to beautiful boutique with classes, clothing, toys and so many things wonderful things for the Eco-conscious, heathy living parent. If you stop by you’ll find things that I haven’t seen anywhere else and get great personal service. I love Luvaboos :).

mamasandbebe walkBut that’s the bunny trail. What about Mamas and Bebes? I knew the phrase was special. To me the title encapsulated so much of what I have found motherhood to be. Gloriously wonderful, full of dreamy serendipity (A nod to the French and fancy “Bebes”) and at the same time, life is as plain jane, hard working and ordinary as it gets ( Hence the “Mama”). So I had the idea for a blog about the two sides of motherhood. After a a false start or two I began to write with wavering regularity last year. The blog mostly consisted of recipes, pictures and stories of gardens and homesteading. Toward the end of the year it seemed that all that was on my heart to share were stories.

I began to ask myself some very important questions. Why am I writing? What do I want to remember? If no one else cares or reads or enjoys what I write – why am I writing?

I realized if I was going to keep investing in this I wanted to go in a different direction. I am writing because I want to remember. I want to remember the goodness of God in the land I have lived. I want to pass on to my children the story – the true story – the two sides of parenthood. It is the hardest and the easiest life you’ll ever live. It is the most beautiful and it is the messiest life. It’s sweetness can not be compared and it is one of the most challenging. It is exciting. It is life changing. Parenthood is beautiful. I get to go through childhood again – as an adult. It is my greatest honor that I get to parent these children. I pray that each one of them get the chance to experience this wonderful thing we call parenthood.mamasandbebes walk

Life is not about avoiding difficulty. Thriving does not equal being successful. Living life well does not mean life is without pain or even scars. As we journey through life we have the opportunity to embrace our unique purpose and find a way to thrive right where we are. That’s why I want to write. I want to remember the victories and pains. I want my children to be able to see where I’ve been and learn from the mistakes and run farther then I have dreamed. I want to share my story. I am hoping you’ll share yours too. Let’s shatter the lie of perfection and begin to thrive in the season.

Come with me.

You will live your own life. It will be gloriously beautiful. You’ll find new treasure and challenges. You are the only one who can live your story. No one else can. You will journey and hear Father God speak life and love and healing to your places of difficulty. And your story will be AMAZING. I hope you share.

In the days and months ahead there will be less recipes and more stories. I want to remember this time. I need to remember this time.

Thank you for journeying,

Lisa D.*

*This is not a typo! When I did some research before starting a blog noticed a lot of blog moms used an alias for themselves and/or kids for privacy reasons. I want to protect my kiddos the best I can so planned to use aliases for all. After more consideration and with the decision to tweak the direction of the blog we decided to use my actual name. For the moment at least we’ll still be keeping the kiddos names private. Thanks!


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