Daily Inspiration: Even the Bravest Hearts

Sometimes it is good to remember. As I dust off the encouragement a of last year take a deep breath in and relish these moment of  spring.
(Repost) This is a season where everything is growing and changing and coming to life right before our very eyes. We can not see it. There are few buds edging with green.  I can not see the crocuses through the snow. Yet, they are growing.

 The sap runs, the breeze blows and on it I hear the distant cries of scouting robins, blue birds, and sparrows in search of their new home. Inside the house life is changing, shifting, growing. We are preparing, cleaning, removing and reorganizing. 

In the house it is spring too.

In the this transitioning place I am tempted to grow restless for warmer days, wider spaces, and lighter loads. Those are all good things. They are coming and they are here.  And still we are in transition. We are in the place that hints at what is and what is not yet.

I know that God is very, very near. Even if if can not see Him. He is very, very near.

So once again, Happy Spring and Happy Changes. 



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