Plantain (or Banana) Pancakes (Paleo, Grain and Dairy free)



Must try this.

Seriously. This is fantastic. My daughter wanted pancakes for her birthday.  I did not have any of so I was trying to come up with a grain free option. This is the result. We made them first with under ripe bananas and then with over ripe (yellow/brown) plantains. Both excellent.

This is a three ingredient recipe. I know -incredible. A triple batch feeds our family of 8. Pull out the blender and let’s get it made.

3 eggs

1 plantain or 1 1/2 bananas

1 tbs coconut flour

Blend. Make pancakes. You can grease the pan with whatever you have on hand. On our griddle it did not need anything…although the hubby does like a bit of  butter on his cakes :).

Top with maple syrup, dried fruit, or yogurt and nuts!

Done. Easy peasy, super fluffy, I don’t think anyone would guess these are without wheat…  



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