Give Thanks.



Gratitude is so powerful. Gratitude is literally the vechical by which we move from the brink of despair into a place of hope. A grateful heart brings us out of the narrow place into green pastures where we can rest. 

I love the imagery of a garden. I have been imagining gratitude as a beautiful wooden gateway into a lush garden full of fruit, singing birds, and flowers. (Romantic, I know.) In the garden grows, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness…all of the wonderful attributes I possess as fruit of His Spirit inside of me. That picture has reminded me to be grateful no matter how I feel. 

I am grateful because I live in abundance. I am blessed with delightful children, strength, a wonderful forever friend, I get to also call, “husband”. I am grateful for seeing new birds and smelling new flowers. I am grateful for green grass and quiet mornings. 

I am grateful I can enter the place where Jesus is with gratitude and praise. I am thankful that His joy is my strength. I am comforted that just like a tree planted by the water I will bear good fruit, just because I am with Him.

(Psalm 100:4, Neh 8:10, Psalm 1, )

Good Morning,

Lisa D



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