One of a Kind


(Edited 6/14/2015. My apologies – important paragraphs were accidentally deleted in the initial editing process)

You are spectacular. You have been amazingly, wonderfully made. You are God dreamed. You are the sparkle in His eye that He decided would exist forever. You are skillfully made. You are loved. You are worth studying.

Once upon a time, a little child brought a piece of artwork to his mother as she washed dishes. He excitedly explained the picture as the mother smiled and nodded. She loved her little boy so much. She glanced at the picture as the boy excitedly told her about the details and while the smile never left the mother’s face she inwardly wondered if the recycle box would fit all the pictures that would be made that day. And somewhere in her wondering the little boy stopped his chattering and ran away to make another picture. 
The story above is not a true story. A month or so ago God was beginning to talk to me about my personal value. I struggled with concept of studying how he made me and who he made me to be. It sounded so… Self centered. That is when I saw the picture above. I suddenly began to see one of the reasons why God would want me to know me in our journey together. 

When a child of mine comes with one of their pictures, they come with a valuable piece of their heart. They want me to share in their excitement over their creation. No matter how many pictures they make, each one is special and reveals a little of the thought process and personality of the child. And each picture needs the artist to explain what it is. So that is why I ask God  questions like, “Why did you make me?” He has brought me on a very simple journey of beginning to understand how I think, how I process life, how I love and how I want to be loved. And He has begun to affirm that the deep dreams and desires of my heart are God dreamed and inspired. He delights in seeing me express him in the unique way he made me. He loves that I love mud and white…not really together but it does happen. He loves that I love being a mama. He is so delighted that we are crazy and silly and full of hope and faith that having such a large passel full will be the most exciting and delightful adventure we could ever have. There is more that I am learning. At the center of it all, I am learning He made me to be me and not something else.

Have you ever looked at a child’s picture and said- “Oh! A cow.” The child hesitates and consents but somewhere in the conversation it comes out he really made it to be a house.  That doesn’t happen with God. No matter what anyone else thinks, God doesn’t change his mind. He doesn’t make us and then realize He made a mistake and now we have to be something different. No, our transformation with God is a process of growth. Like a tiny baby eventually will grow and change and age, we are transformed as we live life with Him. We have the opportunity to grow into more and more of who we were made to be.

You are precious. You are precious becuase you are God made. Getting to know the “You” He made is essential in your journey to knowing the heart of God. If we act like- ” I don’t matter, it is all about you God”, we miss the mark. We miss the opportunity to know the heart of God as it is expressed when he created us. 

Psalm 139 says that we are known by God- we are one of His Marvelous works! 
Take a moment today to be grateful for how He made you. Unique, special, you may be one in a million but you are his special one. Even more than a child eager to show his precious artwork God is eager for you to be so thrilled with every detail of how He made you!


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