Naked ThoughtS (part 1)

If we do not think about about our thoughts then we will thoughtlessly end up in sin.

A naked two-year old running around the house leaves a mess. No matter how cute, how innocent, the very fact that the child is without some essential covering, means the danger of a mess is imminent.

What we think about shapes our behaviors, beliefs and feelings. If we do not consciously choose to take every thought captive (2 Cor. 10:5)  then we are choosing to allow naked thoughts to run around dangerously in our mind.

One of the most powerful things we can do is to bring every thought before Jesus and have him judge- clothe, diaper – every thought.

What is screaming for your time, attention, or emotional entanglement? Politics? Finances? School assignment? Family relationships? House work? Health?

A negative stream of thought is dangerous to our health. One of the most life changing thing you can do today is consciously disconnect from the toxic thoughts that are polluting your perspective. This is not denial. This is not playing dumb or ignoring problems. It is simply turning your mind from the the problem to the solution.

Let’s go back to our example. No matter how long you chase that naked little two year old, if you do not have a diaper- or two and some clothes you will find that even if you catch the little bugger,  you are still hold a naked two year old. This time the mess is on you.

Focusing on the problem is not the answer.

Jesus is not worried about your life.

Jesus is not worried about the world.

Does that mean that nothing should change? No- it does mean we can grab a hold of the solution and have fun.

Let the naked two year old run outside where it is safe.

You have diapers, wipes and an extra set of pants.

And the world…the world just may notice that you have a great solution for naked thoughts.



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