Naked Thouhts (part 2)

Why is every thought important?

Some thoughts are neither good or bad, right? Thinking about every thought is exhausting.

Is it?

Let us take a look.

I wake up in the morning. My back is stiff, legs are sore and I begin to stretch. I am getting old, my body- What? Wait. What am I thinking? It is true, years are passing  and I am waking up stiffer than in my teens but what thoughts are shaping my belief  about aging and my own personal health. Did Jesus greet me, “Good Morning, aging woman, you are getting stiffer and slower my dear.” No. He did not. So right as I am waking I can get ready  to crush some self-depreciating accusations. It is quite simple – I say, “I see you, accusation, and I am not agreeing with you. Jesus, thank you for this body, thank you for years in this life. What are you thinking about?” 

Sometimes God is thinking about something completely different and really doesn’t want to start the day discussing bodily health. Sometimes he does. The most important thing is that I take my eyes off off the issue and fix my eyes on Jesus. What are you thinking?

Another scene:

Child loses a library book between the library and the car (true story). They can’t find it in the library and you can’t find it in the car. You express your incredulity at the situation in a tone of voice that could be described as…anger.

Anger is lie. Anger is a fruit of believing I am powerless.

The thoughts are pouring in, I can’t believe this is happening. I have six children to get out of the car. It is nap time. This is the only time we have been to the library in months and this happens. This is awful. How can a six year old be so distracted as to put a book down somewhere in the less than 100 steps it takes to get to the car? I tried to do something special and now I am exhausted!

It is situations like this that can be compared to walking into a room with a 100 puppies messing everywhere. The issue is not how do I clean up after 100 puppies? The solution is in realizing this is not my house. My house does not hold 100 naked puppies. This problem is a lie.

Anger is lie. Anger is the fruit from believing I am powerless.

 I am a new creation.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17 

Fearful powerlessness is not my portion. I have beautiful fruit straight from Holy Spirit. His fruit is joy, peace, patience and my current favorite:

Self Control.

So here comes anger – only this time I close the door: Anger, hopelessness, defeat, rejection… I see you and I am not partnering with you anymore – you are not my problem. I can do ALL things through Jesus. I forgive my six year old for being six. I forgive myself for speaking and acting out of anger. Cleanse me and the kids from the fruit of those words and actions. Papa, what are you doing? What do you think about this library book? 

I am training my mind to think  in the presence of God. I don’t need to leave His presence to think.

Whatever is true

Whatever is noble 

Whatever is of good report

Think on such things. (Phil. 4:20)

This is not a sweet cross-stitch phrase. It is the key to living a life where my mind is transformed – a life where peace and joy are permanent pillars of our days – a life that is lived fully in His presence.


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