Irreplaceable Value

Thoughts on a Wildflower

I struggle with perfectionism. I fight imaginary critics that point out all the areas I fall short. Whether it be housekeeping or child rearing or friend being or…whatever there seems to always be this clamor that says “you could have done better”.

It is exhausting at times.

I am grateful for a loving God who pulls all the scattered pieces of my heart. Even when my thoughts are prone to wander. God. Jesus. I am grateful for His faithful and passionate pursuit of my heart.


I love fields of flowers and the feel of warm grass beneath my feet. This is the season for foragers. You know, the weird people that wander through field and wood pausing to pick the scraggly and forgotten bits of edibles.
I want to be a forager.

The dandelion is a wonderful plant. It is rich in nutrients, flavorful and touts sunny colored blossoms. The whole plant can be eaten. The root makes a delightful tea – earthy and rich in flavor. The leave are sharp tasting, but mildest right now – early spring before the blossoms come. The blossoms are sweet and tart, they can be tossed into a salad or soup.

I would say, however, that most people find no value in the dandelion- only foragers and weed removal companies.

God is the great forager of my heart, pointing out purspose and beauty where this thing called perfectionism would inhililate all signs of growth.

To the forager who looks forward to collecting the first tiny tender leaves and root. To the forager the whole plant is priceless.

You can not manufacture irreplaceable value.

You  are born with it.





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