Without Want

It was a few weeks ago that I was talking to God about some different areas in our life. As I paused in thought I remembered the phrase, “I shall not want”.  It is in the first line of the 23rd Psalm. A pretty common verse, yet, in that moment it became a promise I could believe. […]

Daily Inspirations: Thoughts from The Secret Garden

   ~What she discovered in her garden was something more than flowers. It was healing, life and love. It seemed to bloom with the roses. I think in finding the secret garden she found a hidden inheritance waiting to come alive.~

Shifting gears…

Mamas and Bebes When God first gave me the vision for Mamas and Bebes it was completely different then what it is now. It was over seven years ago. I had this idea for a cute little boutique shop that sold cloth diapers, natural, simple ingredient baby care supplies, wooden/eco-friendly toys and other things that, […]


It is January. The world is white and bare and cold. It has been very cold. There is very little green in the winter world. The Fraser firs offer their color and a diminutive bit of lavender I put under glass blinks a frosty muddled hue. I look at pictures of the garden last year […]

Celebrating Seven

Hello. It has been a while. I could list excuses and mention that I have about four or five drafts waiting for me to finish and publish. Wait- let me publish one real quick. Shall we start again? Hello all! I finally published my final garden update for 2014! I hope you’ve enjoyed the season. *bright smile* […]

Thriving In Every Season (Part 1)

“There is too much to do.” The thought creeps in early attempting to sour the day before I’ve opened my eyes, not to mention before I’ve gotten out of bed. Learning to set priorities, manage the time and resources we’ve been given, and maintain the various jobs of home and family can be overwhelming. Deep […]

Chalk Art and Stephanie Frizzell Gretzinger Note

Notes On Life These are random “doodles” from a podcast. Be encouraged. Life is a journey. The unexpected is always popping up, threatening the best laid plans. That is a good thing. Life for me right now is about enjoying the season I am in. Life for me right now is all about living to […]