One of a Kind

   (Edited 6/14/2015. My apologies – important paragraphs were accidentally deleted in the initial editing process) You are spectacular. You have been amazingly, wonderfully made. You are God dreamed. You are the sparkle in His eye that He decided would exist forever. You are skillfully made. You are loved. You are worth studying. Once upon […]

Daily Inspirations: Thoughts from The Secret Garden

   ~What she discovered in her garden was something more than flowers. It was healing, life and love. It seemed to bloom with the roses. I think in finding the secret garden she found a hidden inheritance waiting to come alive.~

Daily Inspiration: Even the Bravest Hearts

Sometimes it is good to remember. As I dust off the encouragement a of last year take a deep breath in and relish these moment of  spring. (Repost) This is a season where everything is growing and changing and coming to life right before our very eyes. We can not see it. There are few […]