Without Want

It was a few weeks ago that I was talking to God about some different areas in our life. As I paused in thought I remembered the phrase, “I shall not want”.  It is in the first line of the 23rd Psalm. A pretty common verse, yet, in that moment it became a promise I could believe. […]

Daily Inspiration: Even the Bravest Hearts

Sometimes it is good to remember. As I dust off the encouragement a of last year take a deep breath in and relish these moment of  spring. (Repost) This is a season where everything is growing and changing and coming to life right before our very eyes. We can not see it. There are few […]


It is January. The world is white and bare and cold. It has been very cold. There is very little green in the winter world. The Fraser firs offer their color and a diminutive bit of lavender I put under glass blinks a frosty muddled hue. I look at pictures of the garden last year […]


I did not call it envy. I thought… I thought… Have you ever seen someone do something well? Something you want to do? Something that you feel like you should be doing? I thought I needed to be something else. I thought God was looking at my life and saying “Yeah, it would be better […]