Perspective, Old to New

Wow. Life took dramatic turns over the last year as we have sand we have been spinning in the transitions. Over the year we went from 8 people in a small ranch home to 9 people in a tiny but cute little guest cottage to moving in with my parents- again. That means that 12 […]


Welcome back. It has been a while. I dislike the concept of making January resolutions. I rebel at the thought of relegating an action to the speed of this celestial ball’s dance around the sun. I live with the general philosophy that any change worth making is worth making immediately. Despite that, I find myself […]

Well Watered

It is five am and I am awake. The sun is awake. I know what I am supposed to do. Turn on the hose. Water the garden. Nourish my plants and seedlings. The soil is very rocky here. We have added lots of compost but the soil remains dry, heavy and rocky. Water is drains […]

Naked Thouhts (part 2)

Why is every thought important? Some thoughts are neither good or bad, right? Thinking about every thought is exhausting. Is it? Let us take a look. I wake up in the morning. My back is stiff, legs are sore and I begin to stretch. I am getting old, my body- What? Wait. What am I thinking? […]

Naked ThoughtS (part 1)

If we do not think about about our thoughts then we will thoughtlessly end up in sin. A naked two-year old running around the house leaves a mess. No matter how cute, how innocent, the very fact that the child is without some essential covering, means the danger of a mess is imminent. What we […]


Mistakes. I do not like them. I do not like to be wrong. So I have worked really hard to avoid making mistake. Which really doesn’t work out very well but it feels safe to have tried. Have you have been around a kid who would rather do nothing than do something and make a […]

Good Morning, It’s Been a While.

Do you hear the birds? Do you smell the morning breeze? The trees are not yet unfurling their arch of green but bushes bravely poke their bursts of color  throughout the brown wood. The garden is brown  with freshly turned clods waiting for planting… and it is green with oats waiting for the tiller. The […]

Pardon Our Dust…

(A Photo Update) Life is in transition. Our internet has been sketchy and time has been crunched. Here is a little peek into our very wonderfully full life. Major painting and flooring project underway    Fresh coat of paint   Forman at work   Sleeping in the mess   A little peek at our NEW school tool 🙂   […]

Without Want

It was a few weeks ago that I was talking to God about some different areas in our life. As I paused in thought I remembered the phrase, “I shall not want”.  It is in the first line of the 23rd Psalm. A pretty common verse, yet, in that moment it became a promise I could believe. […]